We are preparing us for building a prototype / PoC and starting market test. After successfull market test external funding will be needed to start product development and later sales & marketing of the final product. We are currently seeking a highly motivated individual who would like to take over responsibility for the whole product development. As a Co-Founder your responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

  • Software & hardware architecture
  • Managing nearshore software development partner
  • Software development of the prototype (> ML)
  • Technical set-up of the protoype / PoC incl. hardware, software & network


Utilising knowledge from multidisciplinary team members we aim to encourage as many applicants with varying experience. The role requirements include:

  • Being a problem solver and analytical thinker.
  • Obtained a Master’s or Bachelor degree in Computer Science
  • Have a very good understanding of actual ML technologies and cloud services (e.g. AWS Recognition)
  • fluent English and proficient German


  • Freedom to express yourself and contribute your ideas to the product and company
  • Part time job till we finalized funding
  • Either paid for your efforts or getting shares after successful PoC and funding
  • Being #2 in the company fully responsibly for the whole technology stack (> CTO)


Our mission is to digitalize sports infotainment with the use of modern ML technologies. We combine high end hardware to monitor what's going on the sports ground, alayse it with ML / AI technologies and deliver individual statistics and videos for every player or group of players. Without the need to wear any application or hardware with you during sports. And without the need of manual post processing of the data and videos.

The founder has over 20 years market experience in IT, telecommunications and IoT and a solid technology and financial understanding. Key knowledge is within product-management, markeing, sales and finance. Additionally he has different tarket markets.


The venture is in pre-seed phase.

About u do digital

Digitalisierung betrifft uns alle. Wie Marc Andreesen schon passend sagte: "Software eats the world". Es gibt Bereiche, insbesondere in Zeiten von Corona und Home-Office, wo Digitalisierung für uns alle greifbar und nah wird. Wer kennt sie nicht die zahlreichen Zoom oder Teams Meetings. Heute für viele von uns Alltag. Aber es gibt auch Bereiche in unserem Leben, wo das Thema Digitalisierung noch nicht 100% im Fokus steht. udo digital fokussiert auf Segmente die weit unterdurchschnittliche Reifegrade beim Thema Digitalisierung vorweisen. Beispielhaft seien hier die Bereiche Justizvollzug und Golf Sport genannt. Ziel von udo digital ist das "Ausbrüten" von Digitalisierungprodukten für diese Segmente mit entsprechend großem Digitalisierungs-potenzial und heute unterdurchschnittlichem Angebt im Markt.Und danach Ausgründung in eigenständige Gesellschaften die international entsprechend die Märkte mit den digitalen Produkten bedienen.

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