What makes great HR? Is it about putting people first or handling admin tasks reliable? Or does it mean something completely different to you?

We believe those are just the fundamentals. The next level should be creating an employee journey, made out of powerful moments. That’s what´s on our road map. If you believe you could join the journey, let´s share a ride.

Here is your first challenge: at the moment, HR handles all the admin tasks with a reliable and speedy mindset. It´s still a greenfield by many terms. Let´s think of ways to implement more efficient processes and to improve the tools that we have already, before we think of introducing new ones.

The second challenge is your most important one. Let´s think about designing an employee journey beyond the ordinary. We believe, this journey should start before contracts are even signed and shouldn’t stop just because the passage has ended. How would you make onboarding an exceptional experience? There are many possible moments worth to be celebrated and remembered during an employee´s lifecycle. Which ones would you celebrate and how?

A cornerstone of this journey should be professional development. You can pick up from existing initiatives and bring them to the next level. Implementing and providing constructive, regular feedback should be one key-element. Helping leaders to define short-term goals and providing long-term development plans for marketers, sales agents, developers, designers and yourself of course, is one of your missions.

Last but not least, culture is essential to us. We want to build on what we have already and make it even better. If you have ideas how to further promote the healthy, productive and comfortable atmosphere that we have, we should definitely talk.


Your responsibilities

  • Create an employee experience that is beyond the ordinary
  • Write newsletters that people actually read. Wait, newsletters are outdated? Think of alternatives then
  • Manage internal communication among the entire company
  • Help us to celebrate success and to learn from failures together
  • Handle all admin tasks reliable and efficient
  • Become the to-go-person for all matters related to HR
  • Advise team leads in all matters related to the needs of their team members
  • Assist in Employer Branding activities
  • Support activities in Recruiting


Things you´ve experienced already

  • Your German is as fluent as your English. You even have words in other languages too? That´s a plus, not a must
  • You´ve handled all the HR-admin tasks reliable and efficient
  • You know the basics of employment law
  • You´ve handled on- and off-boarding from beginning to end
  • You´ve successfully selected organized and selected benefits and perks that matter to people
  • You´ve worked with several HR-tools (e.g. Personio, Bamboo, Greenhouse or others)
  • You´ve seen startups and mid-size companies from the inside
  • You´ve organized professional development for yourself and your colleagues
  • You´ve handled internal communication and know about its pitfalls.
  • You definitely know what sets a great team event apart from ordering the usual pizza and beer
  • You´ve seen a university from the inside, majored in HR, psychology, business, management, social sciences or related fields. You don´t? Cool, tell us your story


Your perks:

  • Choose what's best for your: MacBook or PC? iPhone or Google Pixel?
  • Ride a bike or a train: bike or public transport ticket is provided
  • Stay healthy and relaxed: Urban Sports Club is supported
  • Become a Foam master or Bartender: enjoy the best coffee machine and beer from tap in our office
  • Level up your skills with eye-opening books
  • Take a course: your hunger for education will be supported
  • You need some holidays? 28 days for everyone
  • You don´t smoke? Get one extra day off
  • You have hobbies and a family? Great. Core hours let you maintain your flexibilty

Sounds terrifying? Bummer! We’re sorry to hear that.

Sounds terrific? Great! Get in touch.

Our client fosters diversity and is committed to create teams with a broad variety of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and skills. All decisions about interviews, offers and employment are based on expertise, merit and business need.

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