I am Julian initiator of Pallas Technologies. I am looking for a co-founder to start an AI business in the heart of Europe. We focus on digital freedom and cutting edge AI technology. I call it democratic technology. Our products are going to be manufactured sustainably and wherever possible locally.

We expect you to be flexible, courageous, responsible, transparent and curious. You would have to think in the circular economy. You would have to have excellent networking skills and at least general technical knowledge in AI, web development and computer hardware. We don't expect you to be a professional expert. Areas where you have to complement us, are:

  • digital marketing
  • networking
  • brand building
  • user-centred design

We expect you to think about new markets as opportunities and existing players in every area we might touch as possible partners, not enemies.

About Pallas Technologies

Redefining knowledge by digital freedom.

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