Entrepreneur in Residence Wanted! Be equipped with the founders tool.

Who is (this) Printulu?

Printulu is an online printing start-up in South Africa with the mission to disrupt one of the largest industry worldwide. Backed by international investors and renowned local investors Printulu currently operates in Johannesburg South Africa with plans to expand further into the continent.

In Africa ordering printed marketing collaterals like flyers or banners is a tedious process: Printing the market is intransparent, prices are high and the service for smaller business customers is very weak. This is why Printulu was created. We provide SMEs with marketing material like flyers and posters, business cards and catalogues. With our efficient sales platform and optimized production, we can beat market prices by up to 50%. We can help small business grow by offering a convenient and efficient ordering process, super competitive prices, excellent service and a fast delivery (even next-day in Johannesburg).

See more information on Forbes and CNBC Africa.

What are you going to do all day?

You are going to rotate through every department of Printulu: from customer services to operations to marketing and DTP to understand the ins and outs of the business. In addition, you will assist the founder and CEO of the company in various projects in particular internationalisation and market expansion, strategy development and process improvements and implementation. This will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn everything about starting your own business or to become a founder of Printulu in other emerging countries.

Are you one of those?

  1. Student from a leading business university or in gap year
  2. Goes the extra mile with a drive for excellence (QQMA Wanted)
  3. High level analytical skills (heard of MECE)
  4. Able to make data-driven decisions
  5. Professional experience in start-up, business development or management consulting is a plus
  6. 3-12 month available

You like it, right?

  1. Get full ownership and responsibility of your own projects
  2. Work directly with the founder and the management team
  3. Enjoy being challenged to learn and grow every day
  4. Be part of a fast-growing start-up in Africa (the only region that will grow exponentially in the next decades)
  5. Get a competitive payment to enjoy hipster Johannesburg CBD and beautiful safaris in Africa!

Drop an email to [email protected]!

About Printulu

Printulu is an innovative online printing firm in South Africa, offering print marketing material for businesses of all sizes. The vision is to completely revolutionise offline marketing in South Africa. Through the efficient sales platform and optimised production, Printulu offers a broad portfolio of products at good quality while beating market prices by up to 50%. Flyers, business cards, booklets, leaflet, PVC banners, pull-up banners, signage like correx boards are just some of the products Printulu is offering. Printulu distinguish itself from competitors by providing full transparency. You can easily access all product combinations on our website thanks to a revolutionary custom array that calculates prices in real time. This provides users with total control of the product and helps companies achieve their budget. In addition, offering an online solution for prepress eliminates defects while giving the user a quick, efficient and hassle free experience. We invite you to customise your products and experience our online solution. Thanks to this efficient system, Printulu customers can always achieve cost savings, good prices and high quality products.

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