What we are looking for

As creator and owner of the Tovertafel (Dutch for Magic Table), Active Cues looks for highly passionate and business-minded individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of people with dementia through a franchise relationship. As an Active Cues franchise partner, you will have the unique opportunity to become the exclusive Tovertafel distributor in West Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland). From our headquarters in The Netherlands we will guide and coach you intensively, but you will be the owner and director of your own company!

There are already a few customers in this region and many more leads. We are now looking for someone who can set up the business and make it successful.

What is Tovertafel?

Tovertafel is a proven and validated game-system for people with mild to severe dementia. Tovertafel emerged from the PhD research of our CEO: Hester Le Riche, at the Technical University in Delft in The Netherlands. The Tovertafel Original is designed to aid people with dementia who reside in care homes. The interactive games reduce the affects of apathy by stimulating both physical and cognitive activity and encouraging social interaction. Moreover, the Tovertafel creates treasured moments with family members and caregivers. Our games are all about enjoyment and wonder!


Tovertafel is a proven product that was launched in early 2015. Currently there are almost 2000 Tovertafels installed in care homes! We have successfully launched franchise partners in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and the Northern part of Germany.

In West Germany we already have a few customers, many leads and even an active salesperson. So, you will make a flying start with your new Tovertafel business!

Contact us to get more information or visit our franchise website.

About Tovertafel by Active Cues

Active Cues creates moments of happiness in residential care. We develop games for specific target groups, such as people with dementia, people with learning disabilities, or children with autism. We do this because we feel that everybody has the right to play. Play can contribute to everyone’s health and quality of life. For many people in our society, though, play is not self-evident. In particular, for those with a physical or mental impairment. We want to make play accessible for everyone and in that way, inspire as many people as possible in a fun way to start moving! Our product is Tovertafel (Dutch for Magic Table) the Tovertafel Original, the first Tovertafel we developed, emerged from the PhD research of our CEO: Hester Le Riche. The Tovertafel Original is designed to aid people with mild to severe dementia who reside in care homes. On our website you can find photos and videos of all our Tovertafel products. Tovertafel is a proven product, currently we have a market penetration of 40% in The Netherlands. We are now looking for entrepreneurs in Germany who want to become our partner via a franchise construction.

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