ioVita is a digital healthcare startup building the future of healthcare while tackling pressing systemic issues effecting people and society. We built an ecosystem to study real-world patient outcomes. For our first project, we are tackling finding an effective opioid alternative to fight the opioid crisis. This is just where we are starting, but there is a lot more coming in the future.

Our team is forward thinking about building a better future in which we all will collective live. We are also forward thinking when it comes to technology and data. Our team is super nice and fun group, and our founders (with successful past exits) are people first and like flat organizations. We do have remote teammates, but most of us our work together in our downtown Boston office.

A few things we are using: React, GraphQL, Postgres, Node.js Go, (maybe you noticed we are microservices-based and multilingual with the flexibility to use the right tool for the job), Docker, one-line dev station setup, CI/CD pipeline

If you are smart, nice and foresee our team to be a great fit for yourself, send me an email at with your GitHub profile and/or portfolio work:

[email protected]

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