The perfect job for a particular brand of genius.

Our company brings new clothing to life every day through a vast, crowdsourcing/crowdfunding community. We interact with millions of people via ads, direct-marketing emails, and, ultimately, sales. Your job in a nutshell: multiply those numbers!

Betabrand is seeking a special person to head our marketing department — and be an integral part of senior management. This is a great job, with a great team and a hefty budget. You’ll enjoy a competitive salary, stock options, and numerous benefits.

This is the candidate we're looking for:

  • Has 7-10 years of E-Commerce experience — selling to women, ideally.
  • Has overseen acquisition, retention, strategy, data/analytics, and customer service.
  • Is a seasoned direct marketer, not simply a brand builder. E-commerce businesses like Betabrand are essentially attention day traders, so we’re looking for a creative, quantitative operator.

This is a one-of-a-kind marketing job because:

  • Betabrand is a nonstop design community — think Facebook for fashion. Because of all the publishing events on our site, no week is the same.
  • We’ve grown to the point where major brands are starting to use our platform, so you’ll be interacting with fashion industry leaders who are excited to put Betabrand to the test.
  • We have a great creative history (Adweek Top 100) and are covered in the news regularly.

We’re looking for someone who wants to make their mark in the marketing world — and enjoy the ride with a great creative staff. Sound like you? If so, we can’t wait to meet you. Please contact Betabrand CEO Chris Lindland at [email protected] for more information.

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