• We're a (human-assisted) AI sourcing platform that delivers great results (customer quote: "I'd have a panic attack if you guys stopped existing"). We make it dramatically faster and easier for great companies to hire great people. Our mission is not just to fix hiring, but to fundamentally change the way that human mental effort is allocated.
  • As part of the most recent YC S17 batch we grew our revenue over 10x in 3 months (to over $1.1M in annual run rate), and last month raised millions from some great investors at one of the highest ever valuations coming out of YC (not yet announced). One founder previously sold a company and is a published machine learning researcher; the other was Chief of Staff at Dropbox, and many on our team are from other great organizations (Google, MIT, McKinsey)
  • We have some really interesting machine learning, infrastructure, and interface projects to work on.
  • Our stack: Python (Django, nltk), AWS (S3, PostgreSQL), Javascript (React)
  • We care deeply about personal growth, doing the right thing, and making a positive impact on the world.
  • Email: [email protected]

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