• Motivate a world-class, cross-functional commercial, financial and technology team to transform the financial infrastructure of the region
  • Provide accurate, real-time financial and operational data to improve decision making at every level of the organization and enable intelligent growth
  • Create a seamless, frictionless payments platform to enable flexibility and livelihoods for millions of customers, captains and merchants in our region


  • CFO [or VP Prod/Engr with dual reporting to CFO]


  • Develop, deliver and enhance Careem’s financial technology objectives


  • Work across the organization to leverage cross-functional resources in engineering, product and program management to collaborate effectively
  • Build a dedicated team of specialists including commercial management for evaluating infra procurement and banking decisions


  • deliver real time, accurate, granular financial data
  • Develop systems to support real-time consolidation of operational, technology-based financial data (including payments, receivables across millions of transactions) and offline data (vendor payments, invoices)
  • Design systems to report accounting data at high levels of granularity relevant to improve decision making at scale
  • Work closely with accounting team to ensure effective adoption and maintenance across all systems

Strategic finance

  • Simplify planning and forecasting across Careem to be as simple as the click of a button
  • Working closely with Strat Fin team, identify best in class enterprise performance management tools and systems and make build v buy decisions to deploy in the Careem environment
  • Manage implementation and user training to ensure highest quality adoption across commercial teams

Business intelligence

  • Ensure stability of business definitions and data quality
  • Working closely with Strat Fin, Accounting, BI and commercial teams to maintain and enhance audited definitions of KPIs across the business
  • Ensure quality of data is at highest levels of fidelity, and access to data is uninterrupted for real time analysis


  • Develop frictionless payment infrastructure across the region
  • Develop strategy for Careem payments, evaluating and executing build v buy decisions and managing incentive campaign tools
  • Develop infrastructure to pay and collect from millions of captains, merchants and customers across the region, flexibly and reliably
  • Drive development and enhancement of Careem wallets including infrastructure to deploy and run incentives campaigns
  • Manage payment aggregators and gateways to drive lower cost, high fidelity solutions that support real time reconciliation with low fraud rates
  • Lead integration team to deliver and enhance infrastructure objectives

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