We are Healthy Workers, a fast-growing company dedicated to promoting employee well-being: We create the workplace of the future.

Our mission

People spend the majority of their waking hours at work. We find it alarming that 70% percent of all employed people are not happy at work. This needs to change! Therefore we put the employee centre stage at Healthy Workers. We heighten engagement, improve well-being, and prevent burnouts.

Our approach

With sensors and scientifically validated questionnaires we measure well-being and map indoor-climate for companies. The insights gained with our measurements are displayed in a dashboard for HR managers, and in an app for employees. Based on these insights, we offer companies targeted interventions which are implemented in the right areas of the building. For instance, we install air-purifying green walls in the areas with the most air-pollution. Thus, we use plants to improve air quality which can reduce stress levels among employees.

Where are we now?

Healthy Workers may start in the Netherlands, but our plans reach further than the borders. Our ambition is to achieve international expansion within the next three years. At the moment we already have customers such as IBM, PWC and UWV. Successful companies start with happy workers!

Who are we looking for?

We are young, entrepreneurial and we are growing fast. As a rapidly growing company, we are looking for an experienced operations manager who can help us in the process of scaling up.
What are the challenges you may encounter?

  • Onboarding of new technology at large and complex corporations
  • Aligning the different departments of our customers, such as: legal, HR and facilities
  • Aligning our various intervention suppliers
  • Simplifying complex working processes to make sure implementation runs more smoothly and quickly each time
  • Continuously gathering feedback and transforming this into improvements in our product
  • Switching between strategic planning and tactic execution
  • The operations team will expand in the near future, how would you find the right people and how would you handle the onboarding?
  • In short: Making sure that every step that Healthy Workers makes is of high quality

    Do you have these qualities?

  • You are an experienced organiser, who needs little explanation
  • You are direct, sincere and responsible
  • You like presenting and keeping contact with both manager and every employee
  • You have an overview and control over all of the details in finance and operations
  • You like working in an environment in which everything moves at a rapid pace
  • You maintain control by constantly improving yourself
  • Everything around you moves smoothly and systematic

What do we bring to the table?

  • An enthusiastic team. Every member’s foremost priorities are; results, ambition and taking pleasure in work
  • A healthy workplace in the inspiring professional environment of B. Amsterdam.
  • A competitive salary and the possibility of stock options.
  • Plenty of responsibility and autonomy in an informal working environment.
  • Sport facilities at work, together with the team.
  • A fun quarterly activity with the team
  • And, of course: coffee, tea, fresh fruit and a great lunch.

Do you want to take the challenge with us?

Then we would love to meet you! We are curious about your insights on the following questions that we are currently dealing with:

  • In your opinion, which B2B company is best at customer experience. And what can Healthy Workers learn from them?
  • What was your biggest failure in an operation project? And how did you solve the problem?
  • In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge Healthy Workers is facing? What would you start with?

Please send an email to [email protected] or call directly with Boy Lokhoff: 0622942998

If you want to learn more about Healthy Workers, you can visit www.healthyworkers.nl and listen to this short interview on BNR News radio.

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