Looking for a CTO & Co-Founder for a fully automated AI-based accounting- & controlling service startup in Berlin!

Location: Berlin

Vision: Grow the startup to a full-blown company.

Mission: To support SMEs, helping them to thrive and keep up with digitization, while making a step towards real time economy.

Tasks: The Co-founder will take the CTO role, thereby taking responsibility for all technical aspects of the company, particularly product development and staff.

Requirements: A wealth of experience …in management; with cloud-based database systems; managing and coordinating development teams for software projects; as Software Architect; as Software Developer; in central internet technologies and protocols; in Data Science / Artificial Intelligence; in Full Stack, backend and frontend technologies. Fluency in English (at least B2/C1). Fluency in German is a plus.

Why you should work with us: The opportunity to build something big from scratch, set the direction from the start and enjoy a lot of creative freedom as CTO and Co-founder. Need further reasons? Salary and of course two-figure shares.

About me: linkedin.com