Userlane GmbH

Userlane GmbH

With customers ranging from web-based software suites to e-commerce, banking and insurance companies, the Userlane technology increases user engagement & conversion rates while at the same time reducing cost for customer support and employee training. The SaaS-based Userlane platform allows companies to create interactive step-by-step guides on top of any website within minutes, without coding skills and directly within the service.

At Userlane we believe in flat hierarchies and leading by context more than by control. You’ll have your own projects and do more than just support us. Imagine Userlane as a playground with a lot of toys lying around. You don’t have to stick with one, but will be playing around with various tasks and learn, where you can apply your skills best.

Brand Userlane GmbH
Firmenname Userlane GmbH
Headquarter München / Germany
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