At RiDERgy we play a crucial role to move the world towards a circular economy. We contribute to share and use vehicles and their batteries for efficient use of resources. This implies charging and discharging the vehicle batteries for optimal synergies with the electricity grid’s needs following renewable energy production fluctuations. RiDERgy develops the best in class machine-learning algorithm to predict mobility and energy system patterns and steer millions of vehicle plugged in time in an optimal way. This more cost-effective solution will enable faster adoption of electric mobility. Our aim is to serve any type of vehicle from trucks, vans, to cars to micro-mobility. We started in 2020 and offer lowest cost charging to private electric fleets in Germany. We steer charging with time-of-use tariffs at times when electricity prices are low and generate revenue by offering flexibility services to the electricity grid. We do this by developing an algorithm and interoperable APIs that seamlessly interconnect with partners such as electric fleet owning companies, vehicle OEMs, charging infrastructure and electricity market via the back end and a front-end interface. Our HQ is in Berlin and start our services in Germany but we have global ambitions and think globally from Day 1.

Brand RiDERgy
Firmenname RiDERgy
Headquarter Berlin / Germany
Webseite https://ridergy.com
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