Pixtunes GmbH

Pixtunes GmbH


Pixtunes is a Berlin-based deep-tech startup with the goal of introducing a completely new entertainment technology to the world of consumer electronics that will change the way people perceive their own reality in everyday life. We are design-oriented visionaries who hope to create experiences that go far beyond what people have ever encountered before. Our vision for a new kind of music has led us to invent a revolution that we can proudly call our own — a technology that transforms existing music formats and entertainment systems to a whole new level. From the individual consumer to global markets, our goal is to provide everyone with their own unique soundtrack for their lives. An intense experience like in the cinema, only it is drawn from your own reality, accompanied by inspiring music and sound.

Brand Pixtunes GmbH
Firmenname Pixtunes GmbH
Headquarter Berlin / Germany
Webseite https://pixtunes.com
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