In 2017, we had the sparkling idea of how to contribute to sustainable growth in rural Ghana. Koa was born from a sophisticated concept, innovative processes, and a great deal of passion.

At Koa, we spot the hidden potential to empower people. We discovered that the cocoa fruit has much to offer besides the beans. The fruit lets us increase farmers’ income, create new jobs in rural areas and is a resource for added value for the people and planet.

Brand Koa
Firmenname Koa Switzerland AG
Headquarter Zurich / Schweiz
Kontakt hello@koa-impact.com
Industrie Kakao
Gründer Anian Schreiber (Co Founder & Managing Director), Benjamin Kuschnik (Co Founder & Finance Director)
Webseite https://koa-impact.com
Karriere-Seite https://koa-impact.com/careers
Social Media Instagram
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