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Product Manager ITSM

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Startup Matrix42
Job Titel Product Manager ITSM (m/w/d)
Department Product Management
Typ Full-Time Job
Position Experienced
Ort / Land Frankfurt / Deutschland
Remote Onsite
Kompensation Undisclosed
Equity Nein
Beginn Sofort
Kontaktperson Peter Barkefeld
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Die Beschreibung: Product Manager ITSM als Startup Full-Time Job

As a Product Manager at Matrix42, you will play a pivotal role in our fast-growing SaaS business by shaping our product strategy and driving its execution.

We empower our product squads to solve hard problems – customer problems and business problems – in ways that our customers love yet work for our business. Our product squads are cross-functional and durable, generally composed of a product manager, a product designer, and several engineers.

For the product manager this means they must contribute to her product squad a solid knowledge of the various constraints of the business – constraints from marketing, sales, service, finance, legal, and privacy are typical examples. The product manager must also contribute to the product squad deep knowledge of our users and customers, and the data about how our customers engage with our products. Finally, the product manager is expected to track industry trends and the competitive landscape as they pertain to her product.

This job, as with the other roles on the product squad, is an individual contributor role. You will need to be able to influence your teammates, as well as colleagues, stakeholders, and key executives, through your use of data and logic.


- As Product Manager, you are responsible for the technical orientation and further development of the IT Service Management (ITSM) products within the Enterprise Service Management product line.
- You analyze customer requirements and the market in the area of ITSM and with this information you establish the product requirements for the product roadmap.
- Managing risk: While each member of the product squad may be accountable for a specific risk, we look for product managers that understand that consistent innovation is the result of each member of the product squad contributing their passion and their ideas.
- Product discovery: The product manager must collaborate closely with her product designer and engineers to discover effective solutions, and then work together to deliver those solutions to market (includes collaborating with the product team to create an implementable delivery backlog).
- Accountable to the results: While we empower our product squads to figure out the best solutions to the problems that need to be solved, we also hold those squads accountable to the results. Shipping is necessary, but not sufficient. We look for product managers that are not afraid of signing up for results, even when this means they have to work through others to achieve the necessary results.


- At least 3 years working on technology-powered products as either a product manager, product designer, engineer, data analyst, data scientist, or user researcher.
- Demonstrated understanding of the techniques and methods of modern product discovery and product delivery.
- Demonstrated ability to learn multiple functional areas of business – engineering, design, finance, sales, or marketing.
- Demonstrated ability to figure out solutions to hard problems with many constraints, using sound judgement to assess risks, and to lay out your argument in a well-structured, data-informed, written narrative.
- Proven ability to engage with engineers, designers, and company leaders in a constructive and collaborative relationship.
- A good understanding of how to help the business be truly agile and therefore you will also have a healthy distain for agile scaling frameworks like SAFe.
- Your written and spoken English skills are at a business level.


- Comprehensive knowledge in the areas of IT Service Management (ITSM) and ITIL.
- Bachelor's degree in IT or business studies.


We could tell you all about the free fruit and drinks in the office, that you will have flexible working hours, 30 days of vacation or that remote work is part of everyday life.

But in our eyes, that's not a benefit, it's standard. Here are some of our benefit offers:

- Learning & Development Opportunities

- Up to 6 additional days off for personal or professional development.
- Log into our online platforms to expand your knowledge or improve your language skills.

- One Social Day for you to assist in social settings or attend events which help improve our environment.
- Bicycle leasing, the contract and insurance will run through us.
- The possibility to choose an additional benefit that works for you either a fitness membership, jobticket, retirement plan or a monetary bonus.
- And many more..


Send us your application in English via LinkedIn. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Barkefeld.

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