I AM HERO is a new career platform

I AM HERO is a new career platform


Iamhero was created to solve the major problems which have perturbed the job search industry since its inception. We studied all the elements which were of most concern to users of job search services, methods and resources being made available to Jobseekers, Employers and freelancers. Our Team of highly qualified professional programmers have innovated and optimized an AI driven matching engine on a secure base platform for over a year while developing optimal solutions to address and solve every problem the job search industry revealed, whether in methods, resources, efficacy, cost efficiency, processing speed, internet & Mobile compatibility, social media connectivity, communications optimization, database security, esthetic visual quality, global scalability, special unique feature development and much more. The result is an outstanding service which, although still in development, offers several basic features that are finally ready to launch such as the resume services, the linking potentials and a few other essential and practical features!

Brand I AM HERO is a new career platform
Firmenname I AM HERO is a new career platform
Headquarter Köln / Germany
Webseite https://iamhero.io
Karriere-Seite https://iamhero.io/heroes/mihail-berlant
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