GoStudent GmbH

GoStudent GmbH


GoStudent is a young and fast growing edtech startup from Austria. Our plattform (iOS, Android & Web) connects high school students with a network of qualified tutors that help them with all their school-related questions. Instantly, anonymously & via chat.

Students often have nobody who can help them with their homework and school projects because parents and teachers do not have the time or the knowledge. Traditional tutoring is often very expensive and not popular among young people. Search Engines deliver unclear and too unspecifc solutions.

We solve these problems by offering a new form of tutoring, perfectly tailored to the fast-paced & mobile-focused lifestlyle of today's young people. We help them with their schoolwork by giving them what they acutally want&need: Short, quick and understandable answers that they can directly use for their homework-tasks.

Now that we have successfully closed our 2nd funding round, we are ready to take the next big steps with our app/chatbots: expansion, automation (already 120k+ questions and answers in our database) & monetization.

-> To be even better prepared for the next phase, we are currently growing our team by hiring the most talented & motivated people out there. Feel free to reach out if you are interested and want to become part of our vision! Chat up your grades!

Brand GoStudent GmbH
Firmenname GoStudent GmbH
Headquarter Wien / Austria
Webseite http://gostudent.de
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