Fonpit AG

Fonpit AG

Founded in 2009, Fonpit AG quickly rose with its international web protal AndroidPIT to being a successful tech and media company aiming at providing best-in-class information regarding smart technology. Soon a sales and marketing team was added to also make the company financially successful.

After starting out with 2 people back in 2009 - one of them coding, one writing - Fonpit by now grew to about 50 employees from all over the world, the majority of them (~ 95%) working from our office right in the heart of Berlin.

We are focused on ensuring that the user and/or customer is always the center of attention. With this as our main aim, we constantly work on providing the best of service in general. All products, content and policies are developed with this goal in mind, which we call user/customer-oriented added value.

In order to attain this added value, the company collectively behaves in a responsible manner and creates growth which is fostered by trust and respect. This growth also means pursuing creative ideas with fairness, honesty and creativity as well as encouraging real added value. We strive to attain our goals with zeal and always in a fun way. Becoming a professional, profitable company whilst remaining an organisation that feels like a startup is what we work on every single day.

Brand Fonpit AG
Firmenname Fonpit AG
Headquarter Berlin / Germany
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