The world´s first music platform from online to on stage was founded to establish the missing link between music creators and consumers in virtual - and real life. Therefore we provide music streaming and voting for gigs at the same time from a single source.

In this digital age our platform set up the missing link between musicians and consumers by enabling artists to share their music online & on stage while consumers have the power to put together their musical events.

The music industry has changed a lot in recent years. With the power of home computers and technological advances in software, the cost of getting into the music business are now next to nothing. Getting your music out there to an online audience of millions is just a matter of clicks. With this ease, also comes new problems and this is where we start.

We are convinced that a great future challenges is to link communities in virtual - and real life sustainably, especially when it comes to music presentation.

As there is a great demand that comes along with daily growth we are keen on building a global music station ecosystem arising from one platform that meets all needs as best as possible.

Brand BerlinMusicStation®
Firmenname BerlinMusicStation®
Headquarter Berlin / Germany
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