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 About us


STARTUP SUCHT is the global startup job board. Startups, founders, investors, and event organizers can publish their ads and reach thousands of people. Currently, we have the following categories: Jobs, Internships, Cofounders, Freelancers and Events. If you are a founder looking for a cofounder to complete your team or are in search of new employees or interns, we can help! Sign up for free and start recruiting with STARTUP SUCHT right now.

What is the cost of placing an ad?

Ad costs vary according to the selected category and any additional services needed. You can find a general overview on this pricelist. The easiest and most precise way to get an overview of the costs is to register for free and create an ad.

How many people will view my ad?

Every week thousands of people worldwide visit STARTUP SUCHT. Additionally, every ad will be shown on our Facebook , Twitter , and newsletter. As over one thousand startups are currently using STARTUP SUCHT, the percentage of eyes on your ad is quite high. However, this depends on what exactly you are looking for in your ad, in which city or region your startup is located and how well-crafted your ad is. Please explain exactly what your startup wants to achieve and clearly convey the desired purpose in your ad. The more comprehensive the information, the better your results will be.

Where will my ad appear?

Your ad will be published on STARTUP SUCHT and on our social media sites (e.g. Facebook and Twitter ) with more than 80.000 fans and followers. In addition, we will summarize your ad and send it to thousands of readers through our newsletter.

 Sign up / Registration

Who can sign up?

If you are a startup, founder, investor, company builder or event organizer you can signup for free, create your company profile and publish your ads.

Please check your spam folder. Sometimes the message gets caught incorrectly by your spam filter. Sometimes it helps to wait a few minutes. If the email is still not in your inbox after 10 minutes, please contact us.

How much does signing up cost?

The registration is free for everyone, whether you are a founder, startup, investor, company builder, or event organizer.

What can I do if my password does not work anymore?

You can reset your password, however, your email address must be activated and you must have access to your email account. When you are resetting your account password, make sure the caps lock key on your keyboard is not inadvertently enabled. We advise you to choose a complex password and to use a password manager.

 Company profile

Who can create a company profile?

If you are a founder, startup, investor, company builder, or event organizer you can sign up for free and create your own company profile.

What should be included in the company profile?

Please describe your project, your startup, and what you do. Do not describe what you are looking for. Save that for your ads.

 Create your ads

Do I have to format the ad text?

You do not have to format the ad text. The editor who reviews your ad will do the formatting for you. However, you can format the ad text, for example, if want your text to be exactly formatted the way you want.

How can I format the ad text?

You can use the editor or Markdown. You can find more information on Markdown by searching for it on Wikipedia .

What happens after clicking the "Order" button?

After creating your ad, click on the large green button at the end of the form. The next thing you will see is a list of all your ads. Your newest ad will be on the top of this list. Right next to your ad you will be able to see the text "in review", which means that this ad is currently not published yet, but in the review process. The editorial team will review your ad and make improvements, if necessary. As soon as the ad is ready the reviewer will write a summary for Facebook, Twitter and our newsletter. Lastly, the reviewer will select what text should be displayed on the ad graphic. Now your ad will be activated and published on the STARTUP SUCHT website, Facebook, and Twitter. At this point we will send you an email to inform you that your ad is public. In this email, you will find the links to your ad on our website, Facebook and Twitter. Congratulations, your ad is now online!

Why do you review every ad?

We want to make certain your ad is perfect.

What exactly is the review team checking?

The editorial team takes multiple steps to check if everything within your ad is in correct and fundamental points are checked. The editor also checks the validity and the function of included links. Is the email address correct? Is the logo clearly visible? Are there obvious spelling mistakes? Has the layout been done correctly? Are the chosen tags meaningful or could they be supplemented with more detailed tags? Is the headline a good choice? Is the selected category a good fit? The editor checks these and much more. There are multiple details which need to be reviewed to ensure that the ad is delivered as perfectly as possible. We believe the extra effort will pay off.

What happens when the editor finds something?

99% of the time the editor corrects the ad automatically. In most cases minor details do not require any further correspondence. For the remaining 1%, we will get in touch with you.

Will I be informed if the editor changes any minor details?

In 99% of the cases the changes are so small and obvious that it does not require any further correspondence. Only if something is unclear will we get in touch with you.

The ad is in the review process. How can I change anything last minute?

If you want to add or change something, contact us as soon as possible. As long as the ad is in the review process we can easily change the text, links, or the summary for Facebook and Twitter. As soon as the ad has been published we can only perform substantial changes on a case-by-case basis.

How long does the review process take?

The review process varies. It depends on the overall number of ads in the review queue and the next best publication moment. For example, if you submit your ad on a Sunday afternoon, there may be delays with your publication. The editor will publish the ad as soon as they determine the next best publication moment. Do you want to get your ad published faster and before the others? Please select this additional service while creating the ad. In this case, your ad will be marked as “expedited” and will be published as fast as possible during a good moment for publication.

How long will the ad be online?

Currently, your ad will be online as long as you want it to be. But remember, every day new ads will be published so your ad will automatically lose rank. Over time, it will become less visible to our readers.

How can I take my ad offline?

Simply log into your account and pause or delete your ad. We recommend you pause your ad in case you want to publish a similar ad later (currently we are working on the refresh function).

How can I change my ad?

Substantial changes are currently not possible. Please consider that we push your ad to thousands of readers which we can not take back. This is why changes to the core of your message are against our policy. But small changes are always possible. Just contact us.

 Invoice and payments

How do I receive my invoice?

After you click the purchase button, the system will create your invoice and send it to your selected email automatically. The official invoice is attached as a PDF file to this email.

The company name or address on the invoice is wrong. How can I change this?

First make sure that you filled out the company name and company address in your account correctly. If this is not the case, please update the information. After that, contact us. The invoice is generated automatically and is based on the data provided by you.

What can I do if the tax has not been calculated correctly?

The invoice and the calculation of the tax is based on the data provided by you. Please make sure that the correct company address is provided, especially the country where your company is headquartered. The next step would be to check if your VAT-ID number is correct. If you have filled in everything correctly, but you still think your invoice is wrong, please contact us!

What are my payment options?

Currently, you can pay via money transfer, PayPal, or credit card.

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