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Silicon Valley is the epicenter of startups on America’s west coast, coming in at number one on the global startup report. New York on the east coast comes in second, proving that the United States is full of entrepreneurial spirit. From talent reach to experience, the country startup report for the United States is unsurpassed. While the west coast garners 18% of the global investments for startups, followed by New York and Beijing at 11%, it isn’t difficult to imagine why the United States is topping the startup country rating. Additionally, startup jobs have created well over 2-million jobs throughout the country in the last few years. However, a sizable gap remains in the gender rates. Reports have seen the percentage of new female entrepreneurs rise from .22% to .26%. This is a definite step in the right direction for the market, especially since the startup monitor for the United States is strong and continues to garner support from a rapidly globalizing market.