Ireland Startup Jobs, Internships, Gigs or your Cofounder!

Ireland has made fantastic strides, just in the past year throughout the startup market. Focusing on job creation, the government allocated €32 million toward startup endeavors through the Enterprise Ireland initiative. This created about 19,000 new jobs throughout the domestic plane and helped jumpstart the startup ecosystem within the country. With the hub of startups being in the country capital, Dublin, there are a range of startups growing throughout the rest of the country as well, with many of the most successful startups focusing on finance technologies. Interestingly, the country has quite a high percentage of women founders, at twenty-eight percent, which is encouraging for the female entrepreneurs. This initiative is still in the early stages, though, which is beneficial to people who are looking for startup jobs because the country is currently ripe with possibility. This is especially true since funded startups have already made over fifty-times the return of the initial startup investment.