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Finland’s largest city, Helsinki, is the central hub for the country’s startup companies, according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report. While the city itself has only about 1.1 million people, the Finnish startup entrepreneurs know how to use the small, close-knit community to their grassroots advantage. With such a small population, Finland is extremely supportive of startup companies and startup jobs, with the early-stage funding average being $358K per startup, which is a little over 100k higher than the global average. The report also indicates that Finnish startup companies are extremely business savvy; helping foreign businesses set up in the country, specifically, Helsinki and providing them with ample resources, which in-turn, provides growth opportunities for customers. Additionally, the foreign customer reach is at forty-three percent, which indicates a surge in international success in the coming years, as well as domestic. This success will take Finland’s startup jobs, as well as their connections global, negating most of the potential downside inherent in living where there is a smaller population.