Spain Startup Jobs, Internships, Gigs or your Cofounder!

Spain is known for its heritage, history, and culture. Spain attracts tourists from all around the world. With all of that melding and experience in one place, it makes sense that there would also be a rich and thriving startup market bustling within the country. According to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, fifty-six percent of all euros invested throughout Spain went toward the funding of a startup business. The size of most Spanish startups is small but there is potential for growth, with the central hubs in the country for startup jobs being Madrid and Barcelona. These are two heavily populated areas, with most of the founders and the workers being of Spanish descent. The startup jobs that are available are available to country natives, with founders that have an average of seven years in business before starting the startup and are around the age of thirty-seven. This bodes well for startup jobs, giving the assurance that the founder has experience and is a stable member of Spanish society.