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China is rated third in the Highest Startup Output, according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report. With a population of about 1386 million people, however, a high rate of startup output isn’t surprising. However, the success of the estimated 4,800-7,200 startups, especially in the tech industry is impressive. The average startup funding per firm is $682K, which is three times the global average. This staggering number is backed by the support of the Chinese government, who invested approximately $231 billion into the country’s startup initiatives. Additionally, the number of women founders is twenty-eight percent, which is extremely encouraging, not only for the country itself but for the equality across the global startup market. With the number of new firms flooding the market, backed by funding and the pursuit of innovation, there are many opportunities to land a startup job. Plus, most of the sales are domestic, so anything that a startup’s employees work on will likely go to improving the lives of their neighbors and friends.