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Austria has over two-thousand startups throughout the country and over fifty-percent of those businesses are still in the startup stage. This is the premiere time for those who are looking for a startup job to get into the market. As a testament to this, the startup monitor stated that each of those two-thousand companies created, on average, eight new jobs. However, even in the building stage of their business, over seventy-six percent have tapped into the international market. Plus, there are different companies building their foundation across the spectrum of expertise. Whether the applicant is on the search for jobs in technology, education, food, finance, mobile, or even green energy, Austria’s startup market has a need for dedicated team members. Additionally, if the applicant is looking for a steadier base, over twenty percent of new businesses in the country have surpassed the initial startup stage and entered the growth stage. This is an area where people with a specific skill set would be an asset to the business.