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The United Arab Emirates is cultivating a plush repertoire of startup companies. In the last few years, venture capitalists have found it rewarding to help fund startups ranging from the field of technology to cleaning services. According to Forbes Middle East, many of these new startups have raised a minimum of one-million dollars with a total of $160 million dollars funded, allowing them to move forward with their business plans. The startup monitors for the E.U.M country startup report indicates that there is strong support for flourishing new businesses. Angel investors, specifically, are helping to support the entrepreneurial spirit. This support is helping the startup country ranking, which is predicted to gain a notable ranking on the global startup report in the coming years. The startup jobs in the country have created a couple thousand jobs in the last year and the number of startups is only growing. Additionally, these persistent startups are made up of both men and women founders, giving hope and encouragement to others who may want to embark on their own entrepreneurial adventure.