Zurich Startup Jobs

Zurich is doing everything they can to not only encourage natives to invest in their own startup, they are also attracting foreign startups, helping them to get established in Zurich and convincing them to make the city their home. The most recent amount of money invested in startups is CHF 900M, which is triple the amount recorded about five years ago. Most of the investors are foreign, but the money has made exponential improvements in the startup ecosystem across the country. However, Zurich is trying to cultivate more domestic investors for startups. The Kickstart Accelerator launched earlier this year and has already made a significant positive impact on the prevailing Zurich economy. Not only is this initiative offering equity free money to potential startup founders, it has also encouraged local corporations to start offering investment opportunities as well. This is big, not only for the startups themselves but also for the startup jobs these investments are going to help create.