Paris Startup Jobs

Paris, the capital of France, is not only the city of love. Recently, it has become a booming ecosystem for the country’s startup market. Ranking eleventh in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, Paris has a twelve billion-dollar ecosystem value and a well-educated host of startup founders. The report indicates that eighty-one percent of founders for Paris startup companies have acquired a master’s degree or higher, which brings this ranking up to the third highest percentage globally. That, accompanied by the fact that Paris is no stranger to entrepreneurial endeavors, leaves little room for surprise for their startup success. Additionally, a high rate of foreign customers - thirty-six percent - have boosted the economy significantly, allowing the early stage funding average for startups, currently at $270K, to top the global average by about $20K. With a country so rich in culture and innovation, it is no wonder that they are moving quickly up the ranks of startup success and future growth.