Hamburg Startup Jobs

Hamburg, Germany is steadily encroaching on the capital, Berlin, for the best place to lay the groundwork for a startup. With a reported 253 out of 10,000 people starting a business in this city annually, the startup ecosystem of Hamburg is increasingly positive. Startup jobs are also on the rise in Hamburg. Due to the city’s diverse nature, acceptance of ideas, and a strong, multi-faceted economy, it’s no surprise that the whole of Hamburg’s startup economy is flourishing. Plus, there are many companies that began as startups and thrived so much that they were able to expand to the corporate level. Some of these businesses include Bigpoint, Goodgame Studios, Facelift, Jimdo, mytaxi, and XING. However, other up and coming startup stars, including Dreamlines, Kreditech, and Stuffle are still rising in the ranks and chasing their startup dreams, seeing where this vitalized city and their hard work will bring them in the years to come.