Dublin Startup Jobs, Internships, Gigs or your Cofounder!

Hailed as the “best city to found a business in,” according to Forbes Magazine, Dublin is in a tight race with Berlin, Germany, to become the European tech startup hub, post-Brexit. Dublin has an ecosystem that has an estimated value of $2.8 billion and it continues to rise, with the number of startups throughout the city to be estimated between 1400 and 1700, with 200 to 300 specialized tech startups currently flourishing. This expansion of startups, especially within the tech niche is made possible through foreign investors, as well as an influx of wealthy Dubliners who wish to invest locally. Although, these investors are not taking too high of a risk, considering that fifty-two startups have made exits in the last six years. Plus, this year’s Dublin Tech Summit is sure to stir many more entrepreneurial hopefuls into taking the plunge, which will only help to increase the rate of startup jobs available in the city.