Amsterdam Startup Jobs

Amsterdam ranked nineteenth in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report with tech startups dominating the industry. However, the different types of tech startups vary extensively, giving many opportunities for startup jobs. The average age for startup founders in Amsterdam is thirty-four and has a potential market of 16.8 million people. Startup seed funding in Amsterdam is between $450-500k and with mega tech companies, such as Facebook, Netflix, and Google, finding a home there, startup companies have plenty of gigantic examples to learn from. Amsterdam is ripe with possibilities. Besides the direct positive influences of the established startup economy, there are other more natural reasons for the spike in startups throughout Amsterdam. The culture of the city is extremely healthy, promoting creativity, and eighty-four percent of people who live in Amsterdam believe that the city should take part in a sharing economy. These are two wonderful, cultural ideals that help the startup economy of Amsterdam continue to prosper.

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