Customer Care & Support Startup Jobs, Internships, Gigs or your Cofounder!

Working in Customer Care & Support for any company gives the representative a feeling of accomplishment. In a startup business, this satisfaction is far greater. Instead of working at a call center, it is extremely likely that you will genuinely get to know your customers at a startup business. So, instead of helping some lady named Sue, you’ll be helping Sue, who you know has two kids and a husband. You’ll know that they have a business that is thriving and that she was one of the startup’s early adopters. When you help her and take care of her, you will be able to give her real advice pertaining to her specific situation. When you can do that, customer care & support rises to a whole new level and the representative is left with a genuine sense of pride, knowing that they were able to help their company’s customer with a level of expertise that larger companies cannot necessarily provide.