Account Management Startup Jobs, Internships, Gigs or your Cofounder!

A good Account Management team is an asset to any company but with a startup, their presence is even more essential. The ability to make and maintain customer relations is vital to startup businesses because that growing list of customers are what the business must rely on for monetary survival. They are also the link to the startups real-world reputation. Saying something is one thing but having the ability to back it up by positive reviews and repeat customers from early adopters is a peak advantage for a new business. The account manager ensures that happens. After all, when a customer takes a chance on a startup, they are investing in that business. It is the account manager’s job to ensure that the customer continues to feel that their investment is worth it, even before the business can prove their worth. It is the personal relationship with the customer that matters most and this is where the account manager is constantly ensuring that the company is at its best.